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                                          [Xuzhou Peace Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.'s popular search product - polypropylene high-strength silk!]
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                                          In Xuzhou Peace Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., there is a popular search product - polypropylene high-strength silk. Polypropylene high-strength silk is available in a wide range of colors from 150D to 10000D. Polypropylene has a simple production process and is mainly used in various industrial filter cloths, ropes, communication cables, slings, fire hoses, etc. Polypropylene high-strength anti-aging can be used for a long time; acid and alkali resistance, not easy to be corroded; light weight and good stability.

                                          Xuzhou Heping Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. uses new materials, new equipment, new technology, develops new application fields, meets customers' various product requirements, and provides high-quality products to customers in a timely and accurate manner based on the principle of service priority and quality assurance. Save costs for customers.

                                          At the same time, in the production of peace polypropylene fiber, split film industrial wire, high-strength polypropylene network wire, polypropylene high-strength wire are produced and sold.

                                          Quality casts legend, strength breeds fine, chooses peace and chemical fiber polypropylene high-strength silk, create brilliant future!

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