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                                          [Zhejiang Province Construction Industry Innovation Service Complex Promotes Textile Industry Development]
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                                          The Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province recently announced that as of now, the province has built 168 industrial, service and service complexes at the provincial, city and county levels, including 65 at the provincial level. These complexes have gathered innovative resources, promoted collaborative innovation, and promoted industrial development with remarkable results.

                                          The specific practice in Zhejiang Province: based on the industry. The 65 provincial industrial innovation service complexes involve 38 traditional industries such as textiles and leather, 27 strategic emerging industries such as new materials, 26 industrial clusters covering more than 10 billion GDP, and industries of 5 billion to 10 billion yuan. There are 23 industrial clusters with 16 clusters and 5 billion yuan.

                                          Among the 65 provincial-level complexes, 38 are in charge of business operations, accounting for 58.5%. For example, Yuhang Home Textiles and Garment Industry Innovation Service Complex is built by upstream and downstream leading enterprises, channel providers and service providers, and has integrated 15 platform resources such as inspection and testing, Internet, cultural and creative services, and enterprise services. There are 81 design institutes and 374 designers, and the output value of the design transformation is 693 million yuan.

                                          Source: China Textile News

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